Akua Lezli Hope and Dick Riddick Performing


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1774977 February 22, 2016

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line-poem/ November 16, 2015

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You Are a Job




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Akua Lezli Hope


June 17 Juneteenth, EOC, Ernie Davis Center, Elmira, New York


July 26 Poets in Play Series, SoulFull Cup Cafe, Corning, NY


April Corning Free Academy sponsored by The Big Read Corning, NY

(To Kill A mockingbird)

April Literary Women, 171 Cedar Arts Center accompanied by 

harpist Maryalice Little Corning, NY


  April Myth and Transcendence in Your Life Story (W&B, Rochester, NY)

May Writing Aerobics (W&B Rochester, NY)

September 11   Writers & Books Genesee Reading Series

November Original poems on Cotton, Textiles, Fabrics and Fibers

The Baobab Cultural Center, Rochester, NY


November George Eastman House Rochester, NY Animal Poems

December Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

Language of Color: Writers Respond to the Paintings of Georgia O’Keefe 


January Short Story Writing Workshop corning Painted Post School District

February Black History Month Reading at YWCA Elmira and the Twin Tiers

March Myth and Transcendence Women's History Month Poetry Workshop YWCA Elmira 

and the Twin Tiers

Women's History Month Reading with Mary Alice Little, harpist, Mansfield 


April Ways of Knowing, Ways of Showing Poetry writing Workshop at Southeast Steuben 

Public Library

Reading at Southeast Steuben Public Library 

Genesee Reading at Writers and Books, National Poetry Month

May Women's Poetry Workshop at YWCA Elmira and the Twin Tiers

June Juneteenth Poetry Workshop


September A Celebration of Books, Corning, NY September 25 

January Short Story Writing Workshops Corning-Painted Post School District


December Short Story Writing Workshops Corning-Painted Post School District

November Poetry Workshop Steele Memorial Library, NY

Memories and Dreams: Poetry Workshop for Seniors

Southeast Steuben Library, NY

June 15 The Spiritual in My Art

Talk at the Unitarian Universalist Church Owego, NY

June 5,6,7 UnPacking, dance poetry collaboration with choreographer Lois Welk,  part of 

American Dance Asylum’s New Works and Remembrances

171 Cedar Arts Center, Corning, NY

March 1 Reading  with 171 Women's Chorale  171 Cedar Arts Center Corning, NY

March 2 Reading with 171 Women's Chorale  171 Cedar Arts Center

March 13 Ordinary Women Anniversary Poetry Reading at the Sol Goldman Y

344 East 14th Street. NY, NY 

March 22 Poetry Workshop at Steele Memorial Library 1-4 p.m. Elmira, NY

March 23 Poetry Reading at Steele Memorial Library 2-4 p.m. Elmira, NY


April 5 Honoring an Escaped Slave Through Poetry and Song

Benefit for the John W. Jones Museum, an evening in poetry and song  7 p.m.,

171 Cedar Arts Center Corning, NY


       Short Story Writing Workshops Corning-Painted Post School District

Peaceful Gathering Coffeehouse,  as a part of  the annual DIALOGUE THROUGH POETRY WEEK 

and UNESCO's WORLD POETRY DAY. Over 200 poetry readings in 150 cities were held 

worldwide to discuss "can poetry help create a culture of peace and non-violence in the world?"  

Corning, NY,  March 22 

Tombstone Café, for Black History Month with Jasper and Sharon McGruder presenting an evening 

of theater and song, Waverly, NY,  February 2


Short Story Writing Workshop Lindley Presho Elementary School, 5th grade (2 classes), Presho, NY, 


Poetry Reading with Jesse Bennett on saxophone, Diversity! series at the Waverly Opera House, July 

5, Waverly, NY

Poetry Reading with Charlie James at Bookmarks Corning, NY, April 5 

Panel on Writing, Barnes and Noble, Big Flats, NY, April 25

Poetry Reading with Charlie James, Ellen Tifft, Robert Darling, Barnes and Noble, Big Flats, NY, 

April 28 


Reading and signing for Dark Matter, Barnes and Noble, Big Flats, NY, August 20 

Poetry Workshop-  The World’s Largest Writing Workshop, Barnes and Noble, Big Flats, NY, 

October 14


10 West, Mansfield, PA, June 4

April is National Poetry Month Reading Series at Bookmarks, April 16, Corning, NY

Something Loving, Poetry Reading, Rockwell Museum, February 14


Sojourner Truth Celebration performance with Voices of Fire Reading Choir 

March 6 &7 

April is National Poetry Month Reading Series at Bookmarks, April 9, April 

10, Corning NY

Gathering of Poets Reading, Mansfield University, April 17

Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Consumer Square, May 21, Horseheads, NY 

10 West, Mansfield, PA, Oct. 2

Each One Teach One, classroom workshop, Northside Blodgett, Corning, NY December 9

1997 Reading Series, 10 West Wellesborough Mansfield, PA, Oct. 31

Sterling Brown Symposium, Howard University Chapel, Washington,  DC, October 26

Chautauqua Institution, presentation, Jazz Poetry: function at the Junction, August 15

Chautauqua Institution, Writer's Center, August 10

The Festival of the Lakes, Saranac Lake, NY, June 28 

Southport Correctional Facility, South port, NY, June 18

1996 Southport Correctional Facility, Southport, NY, September 6,

The Professor's Place, Watkins Glen, NY, July 17

JUNETEETH with Voices of Fire Reading Choir, Centerway Square, Corning, NY June 22

HORNELL Poet's Theatre, June 13, Hornell, NY

Cosmopolitan Women's Club, Dinner, Fashion Show, Reading, May 17, Radisson Hotel, Corning

1996 American Association of University Women, reading, Corning ,NY, March 20 with Rhonda Morton, 

Susan Gale and Karen Kirby

Valentine's Day Wedding Reading, Feb 14, Corning, NY

Black History Month Reading, Corning Community College, Feb. 13

Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn, NY, Feb .23, reading and poetry workshops

1995 The Corning Museum of Glass Community Open House, Sept. 15, with Dick Riddick

Harriet Tubman Home Gathering , July 22, Auburn, NY

JUNETEENTH, June 17, Centerway Square, Corning, NY with Dick  Riddick 

Harambee at Mt. Neboe Lodge, Elmira, NY, Feb. 18 with Dick Riddick on  conga and percussion

Three Rivers Reading Series at Medley's Restaurant,  with Dick Riddick on percussion, April 27

Southport Correctional Facility, Feb. 4

1993 Juneteenth Celebration, Centerway Square, Corning, NY, June 19

171 Cedar Arts Center 25th Anniversary Celebration Reading May 23  accompanied by Felicia 

Kessel on keyboards with Michael Czarnecki

Something Loving, Poetry Reading, Rockwell Museum, February 14

Chicago Cultural Center, Ragdale Writers Reading March 4

1992 St. Marks Poetry Project with Vit Bakitis, NY, NY, November 11

Summer Reading Series, Claverack, NY August 16, 

Hornell Poets Theater, Hornell, NY, March 12

Something Loving, Poetry Reading, Rockwell Museum, February 14

1991 Something Loving, Poetry Reading, Rockwell Museum, February 14,

Writing Workshop for Elmira Girls Scouts, February 16, Elmira, NY

  Visions and Voices, celebration for National Women's History Month, March 1, 171 Cedar Arts 

Center, Corning, NY

The Gas Station March 5, with Baron James Ashanti, New York City, New York

AIUSA Northeast Region Conference March 9, Boston University, Boston, MA

Poets Performance, Amnesty Annual General Meeting, Georgetown University, Washington, 


June 15 

Radio Interview on WUDC (aired June 19) with E. Ethelbert Miller, Washington, D.C.

Young Author's Day, Corning Community College, November 25,

Kwanzaa presentation, Chemung Valley Unitarian Church, December 15


Chemung Valley Unitarian Fellowship, Martin Luther King Remembrance Poetry Reading, Feb. 4

Visions and Voices celebration for National Women's' History Month, 171 Cedar Arts Center, 

March 2

Young Author's Day poetry workshop, Corning Community College, March 6, Corning, NY 

Women Poets at Barnard with Marilyn Hacker, March 8, NY, NY

Corning Community College poetry workshop, April 9, Corning, NY

Corning Community College, April 11, Brown Bag Series 

Northside Blodgett Elementary School visitor reader, Corning, NY

Mark Twain Quarry Farm, H.S. writing intensive, March 17, Elmira, NY

Steele Memorial Library, poetry writing workshop, March 24

Steele Memorial Library, annual poetry contest, guest poet, March 25

Conversations with Southern Tier Women interview/reading, May 14

Readings Series at Stars with Walt Franklin, Corning, NY, June 19

Gathering of the Minds coffeehouse, Corning, NY, June 21

Young Author's Day poetry workshop, Corning Community College, November 19


First Ladies of Poetry, Lecture, Wednesday Morning Club, Park Church, Nov. 15, Elmira, NY

Poetry Writing Workshop, Mansfield University, Nov. 2, Mansfield Pa.

Poetry Reading, Mansfield University, Nov. 1, 1989, Mansfield, Pa.

Black Poets Day, Workshop 6th Grade, Parley Coburn School, October 7, 1989, Elmira, NY

171 Cedar Arts Center, Summer Reading Series, writing workshop, July 26, Corning, NY

171 Cedar Arts Center, Summer Reading Series, poetry reading, July 25, Corning, NY

Career Discussion and Poetry Writing Workshop, 8th grade, May 26, Prattsburg, NY

Career Discussion and Poetry Writing Workshop, Corning Free Academy, March 23, 6th grade, 

Corning, NY

Reading for Thomas Hart Benton Exhibit at The Rockwell Museum, Literature from the Thirties, 

producer and reader, April 10,  Corning, NY.

The Pew Rally Gospel Talent Show, All Saints Home Church of God in Christ,  Sunday, April 2, 

Elmira, NY

Martin Luther King Reading, Church of God in Christ, January 15, Big Flats, NY, 

1988 171 Cedar Arts Center, Summer Reading Series, writing workshop, July 25, Corning, NY 

171 Cedar Arts Center, Summer Reading Series, poetry reading, July 18, Corning, NY

North Country Community College, reading series organized by Maurice Kenny, March 21, Saranac 

Lake, NY

Federal Correction Institute at Raybrook, poetry reading, March 21, Raybrook, NY

Young Author's Day, poetry writing workshop, Corning Community College, March 1

Books Sandwiched In, book review series at Corning Public Library, lecture/review on Beloved by 

Toni Morrison,  January 11

1987 Poetry Society of America, 15 Gramercy Park , with NYFA Poetry Fellows, October 29, NY, NY

171 CEDAR ARTS CENTER, “Making Real the Dream,” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.   birthday 

celebration, children’s workshop and evening performance, with Arthur Flowers and other 

performers, Corning, NY, January 19

1985 ST. MARKS POETRY PROJECT, 10th Street and 2nd Avenue, with Patricia Jones and

Marie Ponsot, May 22, NY, NY

BASEMENT WORKSHOP, 22 Catherine Street, with Marilyn Hacker, April 30, NY, NY

DOUBLE TALK SHOW, Sideshows by the Seashore, Coney Island boardwalk, with Roland 

Legiardi-Laura, produced by Bob  Holman, April 14, Brooklyn, NY.

1984 Art Against Apartheid, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s, Oct. 21, NY, NY

Tompkins Square Festival Poetry Reading, June 17, Tompkins Square Park, NY, NY

First anniversary celebration of Black and in Brooklyn, Medgar Evers 

College, March 24, Brooklyn, NY

Artists’ Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America, St. Mark’s Poetry Project, 

Jan. 18, NY, NY

1984 Confirmation Anthology Reading and Book Party, Brooklyn Arts and 

Culture Association (BACA) Jan. 13, Brooklyn, NY

1983 Washington Heights Community Art Gallery, Sept. 18, NY, NY

National Black United Front, International Women's Day, August 9, 

Brooklyn, NY

1982 IKON MAGAZINE Benefit reading, NYU Law Auditorium, Nov., NY, NY


Politics of Writing, Calabash Workshop Event, Reading at CAT Video, 

Oct. 25, Harlem, NY

American Writers Congress, Poetry Reading, Oct. 10, NY, NY

Galeria Morivivi, Reading Series, September 13, NY, NY

Cafe Figaro, Sunday Poetry Reading Series, June 7, NY, NY

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza, Arts & Culture Center, Poetry Reading, June 6, 

Brooklyn, NY

Afrikan Poetry Theater, May 17, Jamaica, NY

Memorial to Larry Neal, Countee Cullen Library, April 25, Harlem, NY

Black Writers Union Fund-raiser, Creative Arts Center, April 11, Brooklyn, NY

Sunbury 9 Reading, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Live Broadcast WBAI, January, NY, NY

1980 Interviewed by Larry Neal, WWRL-Radio, Fall 1980, NY, NY

1979 The Coalition, Club 57, St. Marks Place, New York, April 5, 1979

1978 The New York State Book Fair, Martin Luther King Jr. High School, NY, NY, October 8

Corner Post Café Series, Brooklyn, NY, June 25

Pearl's Place, Sunday Poetry Series, May 7, NY, NY

Women's Center, Brooklyn College, April 17, Brooklyn, NY

New Rican Village, March 24, NY, NY

Manhattan Theater Club, Poetry Series, February 28, NY, NY

1977 Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, August, Staten Island, NY

Chaz Restaurant, Montage Series, July 16, NY

1976 Bedford Hills Correctional Institution, October 30, Bedford Hills, NY, 

Rejuvenation, December 26, Brooklyn, New York

1975 Look Homeward, Choreopoem, Black Movements Festival, January, 

Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. and neighboring colleges

1974 Coffeehouse performances and on-campus readings,

1973 Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts